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2017-2018 Hyundai Elantra Big Mouth Lit Kit With Asymmetric Octagonal Flare

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Introducing the brand new Velossa Tech Big Mouth Lit Kit for the Hyundai Elantra!  Feast your eyes in all its glory:

Together with Diode Dynamics, Velossa Tech have just released a revolutionary upgrade to their Big Mouth Intakes.  Designed with the intention to turn heads, the new Velossa Tech lit kits produce uninterrupted light diffusion at the flare, in any colour of your choosing.

A dream team partnership, Velossa Tech’s expertise in innovative design is perfectly complemented with Diode Dynamics unrivalled reliability in automotive applications.  In fact, together they've spent hundreds of hours engineering, testing and component procurement to ensure each kit is developed to the highest quality.

Although the lit kits look pretty neat during daytime, nightfall is when the magic really begins.  With its entrancing glow and a multitude of colour options at your fingertips, our lit kits give off a modern Tokyo Drift Era vibe in all the right ways: it’s sleek, tasteful, sophisticated and sure to turn heads.

Staying true to Velossa Tech's promise of high quality products, our RGBW LED lights ensure that among a multitude of colour options, our LEDs are also able glow a true, crisp white - something that standard RGB LEDs cannot do.  We’ve also made changing LED flare colours a breeze with our simple phone app – no remote needed.

All Velossa Tech Ram Air Intakes are finished smooth for maximum airflow, made from the highest quality products in the USA and bolt on perfectly to your Hyundai Elantra – no permanent modification necessary.

If you've recently bought a Gen 4 Velossa Tech Big Mouth you can order just a LIT flare to bolt on to your existing Gen 4 body.  It's simply and seamless, plus it saves you the money of having to buy a completely new kit. 

Each Velossa Tech Hyundai Elantra Big Mouth Lit Kit includes:

  • Diode Dynamics Bluetooth RGBW controller
  • Fuse tap, all wiring and the fuse along with all hardware
  • Diode Dynamics weatherproof RGBW LEDs integrated and preassembled into the flare.
  • Optimized inlet flare and convergent duct (body)
  • Downloadable instructions

How it Works

The BIG MOUTH is strategically designed for maximum air pressure recovery. Basically, it feeds your current intake with higher pressure air. It is the same concept as driving below sea level where the air pressure is higher, however, due to the Big Mouth’s accurate ram duct design for the Hyundai Elantra, you are able to generate higher inlet pressure.

Increasing the inlet absolute pressure to your engine has profound effects on performance. Increases in air mass flow, reduction in wastegate duty cycle (for turbo vehicles) and reduced inlet and charge temps are some of the benefits of running a properly designed ram inlet. On top of all that, the BIG MOUTH’s growl and sinister stare sounds and looks great!


This lit kit comes with an asymmetric octagonal shaped flare.  Other flare options are available.
The body colour can also be changed.  While we keep stock of black bodies locally, please allow a +2 week ETA for any body colour that is not black. 


Please download our installation manual.  All kits come with all hardware needed and the simple bolt on design means all you need are basic hand tools!

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