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Looking for a way to add a bit of style and noise to your Cerato GT? Look no further!

Thanks to Tony's Mufflers we have this sports exhaust option for your 1.6T. Made out of multiple pieces and shipped to your door, it's easy to put together at home and install yourself.

With quad tips for the Cerato GT, they're not just a performance upgrade but a great stylistic choice.

Should you wish do a resonator delete you will have to cut your stock midpipe. That can be complete with basic tools at home and will allow you to delete your resonator for more noise or your second cat and resonator if you're also chasing power.

This exhaust is made for the sedan, however it does work with the hatch if you trim the pipes down a bit.

Note: CTP cannot guarantee the legality of removing your secondary cat for street use.

Customer Reviews

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Don M
Noticeable Impovement.

This system is basically a good design, and it made out of good materials ( 304 mandrel bent stainless steel ), but I gave it 4 stars, because my kit had some quality control issues, but thankfully, Tristan was able to help me out by sending me the correct tailpipe, and even though the tailpipe did not fit properly, I took it to a local muffler shop, and had an alteration done to it, and managed to get it to fit. After doing a few more alterations using my own tools ( including cutting the tailpipes to the correct length, so they would fit under a Cerato GT Hatchback ), I managed to get everything in the sports exhaust system to fit, and even with the stock midpipe, it sounds better than the factory standard muffler, and there is a noticeable improvement in performance. When I took the car for a test drive on a 19 km route of mixed highway and suburban driving, the sports exhaust upgrade improved the combined fuel economy by about 5%.


I got the sports exhaust with the race pipe.
The sound was exactly what we where after. Not crazy loud or anything. Just has a really really nice deep sound with a couple pops and crackles every now and then. Can’t recommend this enough.

Matt Y.

Absolutely love this exhaust,and this was exactly the sound I was looking for! Has a nice deep sound to it, especially at idle and mid range RPM's but not too loud. Installation wasn't too difficult and the average gearhead can easily install this themselves. I used ramps which made the install much easier. Great customer service and definitely recommend Cherry Tuning & their products.

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