Coil-Over Suspension - Street

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Street-spec coilover suspension to suit various models.

If your model isn't listed, please contact us, there are thousands of options available from D2 to suit almost any/all models of cars.

Some key points for the Street model:

  • The street coilovers make use a rubber top mount, either fixed or adjustable. This allows for retention of most of the original comfort level
  • 36-way damping adjustment allows for fine-tuning of the damping settings to meet the drivers requirement
  • Height adjustment is separate the spring preload
  • The ride height can be lowered 50~80mm (depending on model)

Rubber Adjustable top mount

The pillowball rubber top mount combines the adjustability of a typical rosejoint top mount, with the comfort of a rubber top mount. This allows for closer to OE ride comfort and helps to eliminate the shock noise made by rose-joint top mounts, while still giving the

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Miles Bowyer
Awesome set of Coilovers!

Easy to install, took me around 3 hours total. maxed out and now my car looks beautiful!

Julius Estigoy
Great coilovers!

Easy install, fully adjustable, good for desired fitment!

Jordan Lipple
D2 on i30SR

Honestly this should have been my first modification, just skip springs and run coils, they make such a huge difference in all aspects of the car, just try it for yourself an absolute master piece of a kit.
No issues with install, call Tristan if you’re stuck, he’s got you covered 👍🏽👍🏽

D2 coils

Amazing upgrade if anyone is interested in coilovers.

Tristans install was perfect and the ride even better.

Slevin Prasad

Coil-Over Suspension - Street

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