GFB Respons Adjustable Blow-Off Valve

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GFB's adjustable blow off valve allow for infinite adjustment between complete recirculation and complete vent-to-atmosphere. This allows the owner to choose, with a flick of the wrist, how loud they want their blow-off valve to be.

Customer Reviews

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Cameron Bell
Great Quality & Good Sound (i30N)

Very high quality parts as expected from GFB - it's great having the option to hand-adjust the valve to modify the sound HOWEVER the mounting point for the BOV is difficult to reach if you have an intake system with box and you will need to remove the box/filter area each time you want to adjust it. If you are planning to set and forget this system is great quality with a 15 minute time investment when you do want to adjust. If you want to adjust more frequently - consider the ease of the Deceptor electrically adjusted one for the little bit extra. In hindsight that would have been my choice even though I won't be adjusting constantly.

For those wanting this for the sound - no matter what you may think about volume this thing is LOUD if you have more of a bias towards venting to atmosphere. A good level that doesn't overpower the other sounds your car is making is roughly about 10-20% venting otherwise it's so much louder than your exhaust and induction sounds which is unbalanced. If that's your thing go for it - just be aware that people aren't kidding about the volume.

Overall - fantastic addition to any i30N for a high quality part with adjustability - just be aware of the volume and the ease of access (or lack thereof) for the part.

Matthew Pease
Great product

Just installed the Respons and the smile on my face is now even bigger. I love my car (2019 i30 N-Line Premium) and this has made it even better. Love the ability to play around with how open you want the valve and currently set to about 50/50 which is still quite loud. Only downside, fuel efficiency will be down the drain for a bit while
I keep planting that accelerator to hear the WHOOOOSH!!!

Great price and highly recommend this to anyone looking at an upgraded BOV.

Paul Dimaculangan

Was tossing up on this and the deceptor pro. This ended up being one of the funnest changes to the car. This with the removal of throttle lag from the controller gives me the pshhhhh I so wanted to hear.
Super easy to adjust as long as car is not too hot as well!

Frank B
GFB Respons Adjustable Blow-Off Valve

Great item. Easy to install and love that it’s easily adjustable. Makes a great sound

kenneth mitchell

My bov is currently set to 50/50 and it goes off from 3rd gear up, @ 3000 rpm and greater it sounds good and is discrete when needed.

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