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PD i30 Rear Lip Spoiler

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Rear lip spoiler for the PD i30

The lip spoiler is attached to the car using 3M double-sided tape

They come in Matte black or Gloss

Note that Gloss is hard to ship as they're custom painted and can't be packaged the same way, hence the pricing difference in shipping.

Customer Reviews

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Vehicle: i30 N Line

Very easy to fit, it was a cold day so a heat gun / hairdryer was handy to help mould it properly.
Looks great, very subtle and suits the car well.

jimin lee
Simple but pretty.

You can change the appearance of a car in a simple way. Thank you.

Customising small details

Just adding little details to the car, really easy to put on, had no problems with it at all. Goes through car washers. Thanks

Elegance at its best

If you can use sticky tape you can do this mod.
Very durable thus far I've had mine on for close to a year now and my car is outside all the time. showing zero signs of wear looks OEM!

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