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Super-Stock Brake Kit - 320mm

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Do you have a PD i30 (including SR and N-Line), AD Elantra, BD Cerato, FS or JS Veloster?

Are you looking for a brake upgrade for your car that won't cost you an arm and a leg?

Want something that's going to fit behind the factory wheels?

Want something with factory quality and reliability?!

This is the kit you want, right here!

The Super-Stock Big Brake Kit comes with:

  • New Genuine 2-Pot Callipers - Direct from Hyundai in Korea
  • DBA Slotted Rotors - 320mm x 28mm
  • Performance Brake Pads - DBA/Brembo/Bendix
  • DOT 4 Racing Brake Fluid - Rated to 600*F
  • Optional: Braided Brake Lines

The standard colour for these callipers is a just the unpainted factory silver. However we are going to be offering these kits painted in red as a standard colour. They can, however, come in different colours if you want, as per our photos, showing off a set of brakes painted in Hyundai Performance Blue! If you select a different colour, please leave us a note at checkout!

These rotors are larger in both dimensions that matter, they're both larger and thicker!

BBK Stock
Diameter (mm) 320 305
Thickness (mm) 28 25
Weight (kg) 9.79 8.17


The added rotor thickness contributes to more heat handing for the rotor, meaning more braking before you start to really heat up the disc. Additionally, the SSBK comes with a much larger 2-pot callipers holding pads that are around 20% larger than stock. Combine this with the extra 15mm diameter from the rotor, and you're now looking at a brake kit that's 30-40% more capable in terms of stopping power, without having to run larger wheels or spacers.

Rotor Comparison

Big Brake Kit rotor comparison

Calliper Comparison

Big Brake Kit calliper comparison

Pad Comparison

Big Brake Kit pad comparison

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