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Note: Standard colour is black body with the Red mouth. Other colours combinations can be requested. Please specify at checkout.

The Velossa Tech BIG MOUTH is the go-to mod for any induction setup (works with your stock or aftermarket cold air intake).

The BIG MOUTH was developed for better overall mass air flow for stock, tuned cars or highly modified engines, you also have ability to customize the color of the inlet flare and body. This is truly a unique piece in that it allows you to get the performance benefits of a properly engineered ram duct and have the aesthetic appeal of your liking!!

It will bolt right directly on to the inlet cowl and feed your aftermarket or stock airbox on your car, in fact it will greatly improve the performance of your stock or aftermarket intake setup.

Designed in-house by Velossa Tech in the USA with the latest aerospace CFD fluid flow simulation techniques and methods, backed by hours and hours of R&D, fitment testing and real world driving.

Suits the following cars:

  • Gen2 Veloster
  • AD Elantra
  • PD and GD i30 (inc. SR & N-Line)
  • i30N
  • Stinger 3.3 and 2.0
  • Cerato GT

Customer Reviews

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Velossa Tech for Cerato GT

This mod is a welcome addition to all the other mods that I have done to the intake system ( K&N panel filter, upgraded intake pipe, intercooler resonator delete pipe ), and it has helped to improve the efficiency of the engine. The car is now more responsive, and the intake temperature has been lowered ( even the alloy intake pipe felt cooler to the touch after a test drive ). From about 70 km/h onward ( when the ram-air effect starts to kick in ), there was a noticeable improvement in performance, and there has also been a slight improvement in fuel economy ( on a 19.3 km test drive circuit consisting of a mix of highway and suburban driving, I recorded a 3.1 % improvement in average fuel economy at the end of the trip, but I expect that figure may improve even more next time I take my car on a long trip of mostly highway cruising ). The makers of Velossa Tech claim that the Big Mouth is not affected by rain, and they are right, as I have driven my car in wet weather since fitting the Big Mouth, and it ran well with no problems.

Customer service

Well done 👍 on service and delivery


Velossa Tech Big Mouth Intake

Big Mouth Intake

Excellent product bit of induction noise & hopefully helping it breath better


Awesome advise and perfectly made product. Couldn’t be happier.