Hyundai i30 Rear Spoiler

Hyundai i30 Rear Spoiler Installation Guide

Installing our Hyundai i30 Rear Spoiler has never been easier! While this handy guide is specifically for the Hyundai i30 Rear Spoiler, the same steps can be applied when installing our Kia Cerato BD Hatch Spoiler.
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While this installation guide is specifically for the Hyundai i30 PD Rear Spoiler, the same steps can be applied when installing the Kia Cerato BD Hatch Spoiler.  Both spoilers are very similar with only slight shape differences.

Before you start:

Please be aware that this spoiler screws into your stock spoiler and will therefore damage it. Should you ever want to return your car to stock at a later time, contact us and we can assist.

Tools Needed Included in your Spoiler Kit
  • Screwdriver or 10mil socket
  • Measuring tape
  • Permanent Marker
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Highly Recommended: Power Drill with 4.5 drill bit and and impact driver. This will make installation much easier than using a screwdriver and socket. We have opted to use a drill and impact driver in the installation guide below.
  • 1 x spoiler
  • 2 x screws
  • 2 x washer
  • 2 x adhesion promoter packets
  • 2 x screw caps
  • 1 x roll of adhesion tape

Step One

Using your measuring tape, measure the length between the two spoiler posts on the underside of your spoiler. The total length should be 47cm.

Step Two

From here, you want to find and mark the midpoint, which is 23.5cm. Using a permanent marker, make a small mark on the underside of your spoiler. Don't worry, the permanent marker will come off with an alcohol wipe.

Step Three

Using one of the adhesion promotors, wipe the underside of both spoiler posts.  You will also need to do the same on the back of your stock spoiler, where your new spoiler will attach onto the car.  As a guide, we recommend you wipe a relatively large section on either side of your car's rear brake light.  Please refer to images below for clarity.

The adhesion promotor will make sure the double sided tape holds securely.

Step Four

As a recommended step, we suggest getting your drill and drilling through the holes on the spoiler posts.  This makes installing the spoiler on your car a lot cleaner and easier too!

Step Five

Using your adhesive tape, attach strips to the spoiler posts. We use four strips on the underside of each post to cover it entirely.

Step Six:

With the spoiler arms taped up and adhesion promotor applied to the top of the stock spoiler, we are now ready to attach the spoiler to the car.  We want to align the midpoint of the spoiler (which you marked out in step two), with the midpoint of the car.  The midpoint of the car can be found by finding the centre of your brake light - you will find that this point also lines up with the car's antenna.

Step Seven

Peel back the tape off your spoiler (you can use a knife to help you if you're having trouble), and begin to line the spoiler up to your car.  We recommend hooking the back corner of both spoiler posts onto the back of your car first.  Because we didn't apply tape here, doing this will allow you the line up the spoiler without sticking it onto the car.  Refer to images below:

Step Eight

When you've got the spoiler in a position that you're happy with, slowly lower the posts onto the back of your car and press down firmly to secure them in place.

Step Nine

Once the spoiler is stuck onto the car, this is the last chance you have to make any adjustments. Stand back and make sure you're happy with how it has been centred. When you're 100% happy, screw the spoiler into place. We used an impact driver because it's much easier to secure, but you can also use a regular Phillips Head screwdriver.

Place screws into the holes and drill until secure. Repeat on the other side.

You may find that when you screw the spoiler into the car, it may lift the stock spoiler up off the car. This is perfectly normal, just keep drilling and the spoiler will correct itself when secured properly.

Step Ten

Finally, attach the spoiler caps to the spoiler.  To do this, cover the base of each cap with the adhesive tape (2 strips needed).  Using scissors, cut off any overhanging tape.  Then, place caps into the holes on the top of the spoiler, covering the screws. 
Push down firmly to secure.

Congratulations! You're Done! If you have any issues or questions, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help you out!