Ultra Racing Bracing Safety Bar

Ultra Racing

Cherry Tuning and Performance is proud to be an official Australian reseller of Ultra Racing products for Hyundai, Kia and Genesis cars.

Read more A Malaysian based manufacturer established in 2002, Ultra Racing is a trusted specialist in chassis bracing and tuning, with products distributed across 14 countries worldwide.

Cherry Tuning recommends Ultra Racing products for their innovation, design and safety features. As one of the first companies to introduce true multi-point chassis bars, motorists can now enjoy superior performance without altering or affecting the original chassis. Multi-point chassis bars are more effective at distributing stress and forces throughout the chassis, rather than against the suspension turrets. This improves driving dynamics, strut bar durability, resistance against chassis flex, increased car handling, reduction in body roll, high stability during cornering without compromising on driver comfort.

Suiting our focus on KDM cars, Ultra Racing provides front strut bars, rear strut bars, side fender bars, front lower arm bars, anti roll bars, side floor bars and torsion bars, individually designed to suit each different KDM vehicle.

Awarded numerous awards including the Asia Pacific Super Excellent Product Excellence Award (2007) and Asia Pacific Top Brand (2009), you can rest assured that you are investing in top quality products for your car and safety.