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Hyundai i30 Front Strut Bar

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Looking to increase your Hyundai i30's handling and predictability around the track? Ultra Racing's front strut bars can help!

By connecting your left and right suspension struts together, the Ultra Racing front strut bars help to reinforce your chassis, making your car better able to counteract changes to the alignment of your car’s suspension geometry.  Put simply it reduces the negative effects of hard cornering or hitting bumps at high speeds on your strut towers, by distributing tension evenly between them and the chassis.

The result? Increased handling, increased ability to manage cornering when being driven hard, a reduction in chassis flex when cornering, increased rigidity, increased steering stability at high speeds and reduced wear and tear.  They also make your engine bay look great, with some enthusiasts opting for a front strut bar just for the cosmetic impact.

For those looking for even more performance gains, combine a front strut bar with a sway bar, rear strut bar, aftermarket bushings and/or ball joints to increase the handling of your car.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent mod

Recently installed Ultra Racing strut Bar, well worth installing handles much better through corners. No modification to plastic required.

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