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Intercooler Resonator Delete
Electronic Throttle Controller
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HKS M-Series Super Fire Racing Plugs (x4)HKS M-Series Super Fire Racing Plugs (x4)
HKSHKS M-Series Super Fire Racing Plugs
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White LED Bulbs - Reverse Lights (Pair)
Engine Pitch-Mount Bushing - Most Hyundai/Kia carsEngine Pitch-Mount Bushing - Most Hyundai/Kia cars
Turbo Downpipe - Hyundai/Kia 1.6TTurbo Downpipe - Hyundai/Kia 1.6T
Weather Shields / Wind DeflectorsWeather Shields / Wind Deflectors
CANbus Small-Form LED BulbsCANbus Small-Form LED Bulbs
Blow Off Valve (BOV) Solenoid
Fuse Tap - Micro 2
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JB4 Performance Tuner - Most Hyundai/Kia ModelsJB4 Performance Tuner - Most Hyundai/Kia Models
LED Light Bulbs - Headlight and FoglightLED Light Bulbs - Headlight and Foglight
MAP SpacerMAP Spacer
GFB DVX Adjustable Diverter ValveGFB DVX Adjustable Diverter Valve
LED Bulbs - BAY15D/1157LED Bulbs - BAY15D/1157
Camber Bolts
RaceChip GTS - All Other Hyundai/Kia ModelsRaceChip GTS - All Other Hyundai/Kia Models
King Spring Lowering Kit
JB4 Fuel Wire KitJB4 Fuel Wire Kit
Digital Boost Gauge - 52mm (30PSI)Digital Boost Gauge - 52mm (30PSI)
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HKS MR-Series "Super Fire" Ruthenium Plugs
HKSHKS MR-Series "Super Fire" Ruthenium Plugs
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Replacement Exhaust Tips (Pair)
RaceChip S - Entry-Level Hardware Tuning SolutionRaceChip S - Entry-Level Hardware Tuning Solution
K&N - i30N Replacement FilterK&N - i30N Replacement Filter