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Engine Pitch-Mount Bushing - Most Hyundai/Kia cars

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The factory engine mounts on most Hyundais and Kias are very soft, this can lead to an indirect feeling clutch engagement and traction issues like axle tramp. Replacing the lower engine mount bushing with this upgraded bush not only gives the car a more direct feel under load, but also helps to reduce axle tramp and other traction issues.

It's worth noting that replacing this bush will add to NVH, meaning the car will shake slightly when idling.

Customer Reviews

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Why didn't these cars come with these??

One of the best mods I have done to date! Gets rid of the DCT judder in 1st gear and makes launches and shifts much smoother. Installation took about 30 min and is very straight forward.
Highly recommended!

David Nguyen

Engine Pitch-Mount Bushing - Most Hyundai/Kia cars

Must have mod for Kia Cerato GT

I really didn’t know what to expect from this mod and didn’t think it would make much difference, however this is a must have mod. I installed the Street version and have no NVH. It has made a significant improvement to the vehicle when launching from standing start with very little stutter on hard acceleration.


Outstanding value for money. Makes a big difference for the DCT with smoother shifts and takeoff without stutter. NVH is little to none (street version) and for the money and ease of installation can’t beat the price of this. Definitely worth it

Awesome results

Best bang for buck mod around. Gone is the hammering front end on wet road launches, brilliant product and shipping was lighting fast

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