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The factory engine mounts on most Hyundai and Kia are mode of a very soft rubber material, this can lead to an indirect feeling clutch engagement and traction issues like axle tramp. Replacing the lower engine mount bushing with this upgraded bush not only gives the car a more direct feel under load, but also helps to reduce axle tramp and other traction issues.

It's worth noting that replacing this bush will add to NVH, meaning the car will shake slightly when idling. Given this, we have added the option now to purchase just a single bushing.

If you install a single mount on the engine side of the pitch mount, this will give you the majority of the benefit of the upgraded mounts, with drastically less NVH. This option may be perfect for anyone who's looking for a more direct feeling without the extra vibration from both mounts. This will be especially useful for DCT vehicles.

Customer Reviews

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Try for yourself

Firstly, loosening the torque arm bolts was a mission, they were the tightest bolts I’ve ever come across. Once loosened, the install is easy, I placed both street bushings in my Elantra AD DCT SR turbo. The idle vibrations were too much for me personally, so I went with one stock bushing and one white line and I feel very happy with the outcome. Best of both worlds, try for yourself, worth the minimal cost for the improvements you get.

Jayden Beard
whiteline engine pitch mount bushings

I have had these installed for about a week now. They were installed on a N-Line DCT which is also my partners daily driver. She noted that with the two bushings installed there is quite a bit of vibrations due to them being a harder material than the factory ones. However, she had mentioned the vibrations aren’t the end of the world and she is already use to it. The car is also taken on the track every once awhile so her and I are looking forward to seeing the on track performance as well. Thanks Tristan for supplying these bushing. I believe they are a must needed upgrade to any i30 whether use choose the single bushing upgrade or the two. Cheers

i30 nline manual - Street

The description is pretty accurate, very direct feel, will vibrate the car at idle. In neutral its a noticeable vibration, not really enough to make anything rattle, but could get annoying on a morning commute, can always drop back to 1 original and 1 whiteline bush to reduce vibration.

Hand tools Install - 17mm spanner and socket to get front bolt off, 14mm for two bolts onto the frame. Put the front bolt back in, hang it down like dog nuts and tighten. Should be enough to hold it still so you can crack the 14mm retaining bolt on the end of the torque link, otherwise you need a vise. All bolts are tight as hell. Can just get it off without pulling the undertray if your tools aren’t chunky.

whiteline engine pitch bushes (i30 nline)

Drives amazing, very direct feeling. but the vibration is too strong for daily use while idling and taking off and any time when at crawling speed in first or second gear (dct). I changed these out for powerflex yellow bushes and so far it's a vast improvement in nvh, with most of the benefit of the Whiteline bushes.
Maybe these are acceptable for the i30n or the manual nline? The vibration is horrible though and then you turn on the A/C and the car feels like it's going to vibrate to pieces. Over time I'd say these would wear out other components like engine mounts, etc. I'd be scared to use Whiteline track bushes with the nline.

Hi jbt,
Thanks for your detailed review.
There are plenty of people running these mounts who don't have a problem with the increased vibration, however it is definitely down to personal preference. They do tend to calm down after a week or so, and the amount of vibration also depends on how tight you're tightening the bolt. If they're overtightened, it can also add additional vibration.
For people who are struggling with vibration, we have recently added the option to run a single bush instead of both bushes. This gives most of the benefit of the upgraded mounts, without all the vibration.
We note, as well, that you mention the yellow Powerflex bushes. We don't list these as we have seen more than one of them fail, and we don't want to offer products that fail to our customers, where possible.
Finally, you mentioned that you are rolling forward in traffic like a standard automatic? It is mentioned in the user manual for the car that you should avoid crawling forward as much as possible, as the dual clutch needs to be driven more like a manual than a conventional Automatic.
Thanks again for the review, hopefully we can help you with other mods in the future!

Don M
Pitch-Mount Bushing - Street Version

I recently installed these on my Cerato GT, and they are a definite improvement over the factory bushes. Engine and transmission movement has been greatly reduced, axle tramp and other traction issues have also been greatly reduced, and clutch operation feels more direct, and gear changes in the DCT feel smoother and more precise. There has been a slight increase in NVH at idle/low RPM, but it is still a lot less than in a typical diesel powered light vehicle, but that should improve as the new bushes eventually settle in. This mod is good value for money, and I would recommend this product if you want to enhance drivetrain efficiency.

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