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LED Indicator Bulbs (Pair)
Electronic Throttle Controller
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Hyundai i30 N-Line Paddle-Shifter ExtensionsHyundai i30 N-Line Paddle-Shifter Extensions
Cherry Tuning & PerformanceHyundai i30 N-Line Paddle-Shifter Extensions
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Engine Pitch-Mount Bushing - Most Hyundai/Kia carsEngine Pitch-Mount Bushing - Most Hyundai/Kia cars
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GFB Respons Adjustable Blow-Off ValveGFB Respons Adjustable Blow-Off Valve
GFBGFB Respons Adjustable Blow-Off Valve
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Eibach Pro Kit Lowering SpringsEibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs
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Whiteline Rear Swaybar - i30 PD, Cerato BDWhiteline Rear Swaybar - Veloster FS
WhitelineWhiteline Rear Swaybar
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Fuse Tap - Micro 2
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Whistling Trumpet - Suits GFB Blow-Off Valves
i30PD and Elantra AD GFB Hybrid Dual-Port Blow-Off Valvei30N GFB Hybrid Dual-Port Blow-Off Valve
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i30N GFB Deceptor Pro II Remote-Control Blow-Off ValveStinger CK GFB Deceptor Pro II Remote-Control Blow-Off Valve
GFBGFB Deceptor Pro II Remote-Control Blow-Off Valve
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LED Light Bulbs - Headlight and FoglightLED Light Bulbs - Headlight and Foglight
D2 Coil-Over Suspension - StreetD2 Coil-Over Suspension - Street
LED Bulbs - BAY15D/1157LED Bulbs - BAY15D/1157
GFB Mach 2 Single-Port Blow-Off ValveGFB Mach 2 Single-Port Blow-Off Valve
MAP SpacerMAP Spacer
Camber Bolts
Digital Boost Gauge - 52mm (30PSI)Digital Boost Gauge - 52mm (30PSI)
JB4 Fuel Wire KitJB4 Fuel Wire Kit
Braided Brake LinesBraided Brake Lines
52mm Gauge Cup / Holder52mm Gauge Cup / Holder
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JB4 Performance Tuner - Smartstream Models (BETA)JB4 Performance Tuner - Smartstream Models (BETA)
LED Light Bulbs - KDM Specific (H7-H03)LED Light Bulbs - KDM Specific (H7-H03)
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AEM V3 Water/Methanol Injection Kit (4.35L Tank)AEM V3 Water/Methanol Injection Kit (4.35L Tank)
AEMAEM V3 Water/Methanol Injection Kit (4.35L Tank)
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