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Electronic Boost Control Solenoid

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These Pierberg valves are a tested and proven 3-port boost control solnoid, used widely in european cars. The model we sell is the newest and most recently updated version of this valve, offering cleaner and more reliable boost than even the earlier models with the square plug.

The solenoids are supplied with a patch loom, so they're a plug and play direct replacement for the factory electronic boost control solenoid (EBCS) for the 1.6 T-GDi and others.

Note: If you have a Cerato GT or JS Veloster Turbo, your turbocharger is electronically actuated and you don't have a solenoid to replace!

Why do you need a EBCS upgrade?

  • Better, cleaner and more responsive boost
  • An increase in horsepower in the upper RPM band
  • Not as susceptible to overheating as stock or MAC valves

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Greg Dawson
Worth it for Drivabilty

Well worth effort seems smoother power delivery & well worth the time & money

Ashley Mulder
Doable with big hands

Received my boost solenoid in the mail today and promptly installed.
Totally doable with big hands and without taking the fender liner out, but taking the liner out makes it a touch easier.
1/4" 10mm socket spanner easily gets in to undo the bolt securing the stock solenoid.

Cherry Tuning - Aussie KDM Superstore

I’ve purchased a few items from Cherry Tuning, they have proven to be prompt and professional on every purchase even amidst this pandemic.

The installation of the Boost Control Solenoid was pretty straightforward, definitely remove the front drivers side tyre and lining, makes it much easier to access the OEM part. Overall took about 45 minutes.

Car feels less jittery in the lower gears especially on low speeds. Boost feels like it comes on smoother and faster.

Have this paired with the Intercooler Resonator Delete, HKS M Series Plugs and MSD Ignition Coils all purchased through Cherry Tuning.

Just ordered the Engine Pitch Mount Bushings. Keep up the great work guys!

Totally worth it

Irons out all the rough (except wheelspin (;-)) for my stage 0+ Elantra SR tune. More responsive and mostly feels a little more like a conventional auto (rather than DCT) from standstill. Since power is smoother, drivability is now excellent and over-all acceleration seems improved. Very impressed this small part makes such a positive difference in both smoother power and how the car now drives.

Shaun Boyce
Absolutely worth it

Installed, and literally made my N-line feel so much better, with msd coil packs and hks plugs my N-line drives so much better!!!
Absolutely worth the money, and the effort needed to install (bit difficult for those with larger hands)

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