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Electronic Boost Control Solenoid

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These Pierberg valves are a tested and proven 3-port boost control solnoid, used widely in european cars. The model we sell is the newest and most recently updated version of this valve, offering cleaner and more reliable boost than even the earlier models with the square plug.

The solenoids are supplied with a patch loom, so they're a plug and play direct replacement for the factory electronic boost control solenoid (EBCS) for the 1.6 T-GDi and others.

Note: If you have a Cerato GT or JS Veloster Turbo, your turbocharger is electronically actuated and you don't have a solenoid to replace!

Why do you need a EBCS upgrade?

  • Better, cleaner and more responsive boost
  • An increase in horsepower in the upper RPM band
  • Not as susceptible to overheating as stock or MAC valves

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Game changer

Installed on the Elantra AD SR turbo 2017 DCT. Was a very straight forward instal with the help of the video from YouTube. The results are amazing for the price, the car doesn’t feel sluggish and the gears flow a lot smoother and the overall driving experience is improved 10fold. Would recommend


Installed this today has made a big difference on my i30 dct 2021 car feels smoother through the rev range comes on boost way smoother too glad I upgrade this

Ricky Gu
No more flutter

I have a 2018 elantra sr. This got rid of the turbo flutter during low torque acceleration for me. You can't really tell the different from a delivery perspective but sound and drive wise it felt better. As for installation, didn't take the wheel off as suggested and tried squeeze my way pass through the tight space, took the horn off and it's doable but it takes time to disassemble if the factory hose is too stuck hard. Just do it underneath as suggested and it saves lot more time. Took me 2 hours because of that.

Adz P
Much Smoother Boost

Easy to install [maybe 45min tops?] and the difference it made on my 2019 N-Line was very noticeable. Definitely much smoother and even felt stronger.

One thing to check prior to install is that the solenoid has been riveted onto the plate in the correct orientation according to the video. Mine was not and I had to improvise.

Dean A
Smoother Boost

Boost feels smoother through the rev range and definitely changes the way the car drives. Acceleration now feels more civilised but definitely better delivery of power (identifiable by the wheelspin in the lower gears after installation)

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