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Electronic Boost Control Solenoid

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These Pierberg valves are a tested and proven 3-port boost control solnoid, used widely in european cars. The model we sell is the newest and most recently updated version of this valve, offering cleaner and more reliable boost than even the earlier models with the square plug.

The solenoids are supplied with a patch loom, so they're a plug and play direct replacement for the factory electronic boost control solenoid (EBCS) for the 1.6 T-GDi and others

Why do you need a EBCS upgrade?

  • Better, cleaner and more responsive boost
  • An increase in horsepower in the upper RPM band
  • Not as susceptible to overheating as stock or MAC valves

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Customer Reviews

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Much smoother boost delivery

Great little add on, especially when running higher levels of boost than stock. Easiest way to access the existing solenoid is definitely by pulling of the driver’s side wheel and guard liner. Other than that it is a pretty straight forward install if you know what lines plug onto where. Would definitely recommend, makes the car feel a lot more refined.

A must have upgrade, install is a little tricky...

Currently running a RaceChip S piggyback, which made my Elantra SR quick but the Pierburg EBCS has made it noticeably quicker (mostly in the top end) and smoother to drive from the car holding boost more consistently and removing the hesitation these cars are known for. Tristan sent out the solenoid in great time considering what's happening at the moment and he also provided some vacuum lines and a bracket for mounting.

Regarding the install process, it is 100% best to remove the front driver side wheel and fender well liner to gain access to the solenoid. It is a tight space but it is workable with a bit of patience and the right tools. When connecting the solenoid, there are a few things to note. The lines connecting the OEM solenoid to the turbo and wastegate are very tight. I managed to remove the line from the turbo and install the provided vacuum line to the new solenoid (turbo line connects to the port under the connector of the Pierburg unit). However, the provided line for the wastegate connection was too short to connect directly into the wastegate (the wastegate was also located too far away to access) and was also too small to connect into the check valve that was connected between the wastegate and OEM solenoid. Instead, I reused the OEM line which was connected to the check valve and cut a small portion off to be able to connect it to the Pierburg unit (wastegate port located on the top of the unit).

Actually removing the OEM solenoid was a very difficult procedure, in that the bracket holding it up was in a tight space and you couldn't get much leverage to remove the 10mm bolt. As luck would have it, I was trying to remove the loose turbo line from the OEM solenoid (I planned on keeping the solenoid in there and just routing the lines to the new solenoid) and as I tried removing the OEM turbo line, the OEM solenoid came off (that's how tight the line was connected) but its rubber casing remained attached to the OEM bracket. As the bracket was mounted very tightly to the car with the rubber casing, I decided to remove the bracket from the Pierburg unit and chain-link some zip ties and wrapped it around the rubber casing from the OEM solenoid and gave them a strong tug. This helped secure the solenoid, lines and check valve away from any moving parts.

And that was that. Took the car for a drive and it was a night and day difference. The car seems more punchy in the top end of the rev range, presumably from it holding more consistent boost pressure unlike in the stock solenoid, which would surge. Well worth the money and time to install and Cherry Tuning has delivered on excellent customer service. Highly recommend!

Nifty little upgrade.

The soul “difficulty” is the mount is different however it’s easily rectified with some cable ties. It’s a nifty little mod definitely takes out a large chunk of the boost hesitation, worth it in my opinion.