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Hyundai i30 (PD - 2017+) - Bonnet Struts (Revised)

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NOTE: We have remanufactured of some of the supplied hardware so these units now fit drastically better.

Installation guide here

Sure you might not be the kind of person who needs to open your bonnet that often, but when you do, doesn't it annoy you having to use that little stick to hold the bonnet open?

Or perhaps you're looking to add that little touch of luxury to your little hatch?

Well, sounds like you need to get yourself a set of bonnet struts. Not only do they lift the bonnet higher than the little prop-stick does, but they look heaps better too!

The struts are supplied with the required brackets and will suit all PD i30 (and i30N) models

Customer Reviews

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Aniketh Chand
Bonnet strut

Easy installation, really good product so do extra work on the stuff it self, replace the thin pins to something better but overall happy with the product

Patrick O'Toole
Hyundai i30 PD Bonnet Strut

Quick and easy upgrade to the i30

bonnet struts

extremely easy to install and 110% worth the money to get rid of the factory bonnet holder.

Bonnet struts to suit PD i30

Great little kit that was easy to install, powerful struts make light work of opening the bonnet and keeping it up though in the future if the kit is revised, I’d make the bracket on the bonnet end affix using both bonnet bracket bolts rather than one.
Did the single bolt up rather tightly (didn’t wanna strip the thread) and the strut sometimes pushes the bracket off on an angle.
Not a big issue however and I’m very happy with the finished product!

David Izatt
Poor fit, poor design, average quality....

Bought these hoping they would be a cheaper substitution for the official German ones that are much more expensive. Cheaper they certainly are.

The mounting bracket on the bonnet has only one bolt hole, so getting it to align correctly is difficult. Needs a locating tab to prevent spinning. The hole in the bracket is not the correct shape, so the OEM bolt does not fit it and seat properly. The bracket needed to be drilled on the underside to create a conical shape so the bolt fitted correctly and seated properly.

The adjustment on the guard bracket was not large enough to fit without re-aligning the front guard, not something I needed or wanted to do. Enlarged the bracket hole slightly so it would fit. This was only on one side, other was OK.

One of the ball sockets on one of the struts was broken, and no matter how much I tried, I could not fit a ball into that socket. I saw it was the clip inside the socket malformed. Removed the socket from the strut, and then pried out the clip, reshaped it with a file, then reinserted it, and only then would ball fit. That socket needs to be replaced still, as the fit is now loose and dodgy at best.

Overall, a job that should have taken 5 minutes took over an hour because of the poor quality and modifications required to fit perfectly. Don't recommend....

Thanks for your detailed feedback David. We are sorry for the issues that you had with these parts. Following your feedback, we completely redesigned and remanufactured these units so that they don't have any of the issues with the top brackets spinning.

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