Hyundai i30 SR/N-Line - Valved Cat-Back Exhaust

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NOTE:  The exhaust comes with a remote control to open and close the valves. The SmartBox is an optional extra.  You can still control the valves on your exhaust without the SmartBox.  Read more about the SmartBox.

Now available from xForce, this 3" stainless catback system for the Hyundai i30 SR/N-Line is remote-controlable from inside the car to switch between mild and wild at the press of a button.

For a quick and simple way to power the exhaust, grab yourself a fuse tap here!

SmartBox Option

SmartBox Gives you complete control of the muffler via your phone, OBD port and GPS location. Learn more about VAREX SmartBox.

xForce has ramped up production on these exhausts and it working to support the massive global demand. We have large backorders in place with xForce and are working towards having stock available on the shelves. Current waiting times are as long as 6-8 weeks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Joshua Dawson

Ordered the catback system for my 2018 SR in late November, arrived Christmas Eve which was nice. sounds absolutely fantastic. With open valves it’s the perfect match between good sound and not annoying. Gargle's at lower revs, quiets down between 2-3k and opens right up after that. Also gives it the best cold starts ever. Nice and subtle when closed valves. No issues at all with the system apart from the welding on one side being a little off so it leans down very slightly but only minor. Fantastic system love it.

Stephen Jung
Sounds much nicer than stock! Happy with purchase

After much research and watching fellow i30 N-Line owners with this valved catback system, I decided to take the plunge and am very happy with the new and improved sound! In sports mode it sounds amazing on full throttle with some pops and crackles and even in normal mode it has a nice deep burble on acceleration (DCT transmission). When closing the valve, it sounds only marginally louder than stock so it is helpful when you want to be low-key such as when going into work or entering the home neighbourhood. Keep in mind the cold start is much louder than stock so it can annoy the neighbours if you have to drive really early in the morning or late at night. Overall, I’m super happy with the purchase and it has definitely been worth the added excitement to my daily commutes.

Kye Burrows
Must have mod for this car

I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of these exhausts and trust me if you know you want to modify your N-Line this is the way to go. I did however receive the Cerato instructions by mistake which was confusing to know if it was meant for my N-Line. But never-the-less it's a great sounding exhaust and with the valve shut it just adds a little more sound than the stock.

Lauren Evenden

This is my first mod to my car and I couldn’t be happier; it has a nice deep low rumble, which will crackle and pop and was so simple to install. Was literally a case of unbolting the stock one and bolting this one straight in.

Also shout out to Tristan. Dealing with Cherry Tuning was a great experience and 10/10 recommend them.

Great sound!

This exhaust has an amazing sound on the 1.6l engines. With the tune I have gotten it pops at the higher rpms and honestly the sound truly resonates through the pipes.

Closed valves and honestly it's like driving stock, you won't hear it unless you're flooring it.

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