Hyundai i30 SR/N-Line - Valved Cat-Back Exhaust

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NOTE:  The exhaust comes with a remote control to open and close the valves. The SmartBox is an optional extra.  You can still control the valves on your exhaust without the SmartBox.  Read more about the SmartBox.

Now available from xForce, this 3" stainless catback system for the Hyundai i30 SR/N-Line is remote-controlable from inside the car to switch between mild and wild at the press of a button.

For a quick and simple way to power the exhaust, grab yourself a fuse tap here!

SmartBox Option

SmartBox Gives you complete control of the muffler via your phone, OBD port and GPS location. Learn more about VAREX SmartBox.

xForce has ramped up production on these exhausts and it working to support the massive global demand. We have large backorders in place with xForce and are working towards having stock available on the shelves. Current waiting times are as long as 6-8 weeks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Amazing Addiction Too My SR

Absolutely love the Xforce Varex System, really great sound once you open the valve up and give it some, when closed it’s close to being the factory sound, Many thanks to Tristan, always there to help.

Noel Foad

The wife loves it

Nicholas Martin
Best exhaust on the market

Easy bolt on install. The exhaust itself is high quality and sounds great with the valve open being quite loud giving a deep note with nice crackles and pops when reving to arround 2000rpm with the occasional pop at higher rpm's too. With the valve closed the volume is only marginly louder than stock but the nicer tone is still noticable. Even with the valve open I have not experienced any drone at motorway speeds. The valve can also be set anywhere inbetween for a nice medium. The only negative is that the mid pipe does not have a hanger attatched to it like the factory system so the whole system does wobble slightly more than I would like when installed but otherwise is very good.

Hi Nicholas,
Thanks for your review. The xForce catback ships with additional hangers in the box which are for use with the midpipe. If your box didn't have these, please let us know and we can speak to xForce about getting some more sent out to you!


100% worth it sounds amazing, exhaust note it nice and deep and when accelerating you get an amazing sound. Customer service was amazing Tristan helped put on the exhaust.

Great product

Absolutely amazing the amount of flexibility via the app will suite everyone and for various situations.
A easy install however it can take a little time to do as it’s not the smallest job but worth it.

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