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What if your xForce exhaust could automatically know when and how to change its sound based on your car's location, throttle position, speed and RPM?

That's where the Varex Smart Box comes in.

First though, some clarification.  There's often a lot of confusion between the remote controllers that come with the Varex xForce Exhausts and the Smart Box add on, but they are two very different items.

The remote controllers allow you to manually open and close the valves on your exhaust. The Smart Box however, takes things to the next level and allows you to be in complete control of the muffler via your phone, OBD port and GPS location. 

Geo Mode

It's safe to assume that there are some places you might want your exhaust to be less noisy. Say for example, your neighbours don't appreciate your loud, "hoon" sounding exhaust.

Well, the Varex Smart Box's GEO mode might just become your new best friend.  By simply defining a map region on your smartphone, you can set the way your exhaust sounds for that location - in this case, very quiet.  Now whenever you drive your car within your selected neighbourhood region, your exhaust will automatically set the sound as low as possible.  What better way to keep your neighbours happy?

Your Smart Box is not limited to just one region setting either.  Feel free to set multiple!

Manual Mode

This mode allows you to select 5 pre-set valve positions via your Smart Box's app.  At  default these settings are set to "closed", "25%", "50%", "75%", and "Open".  Simply select the valve position you want, when you want it and your done!

Matrix Mode

This mode is a little more confusing, but allows for some interesting customisation.  Matrix mode works by locating the sound your exhaust makes based on three vehicle parameters: Engine RPM, Throttle Position and Speed.

Say you're about to embark on a 3 hour road trip and most of the trip will take place on motorways or highways.   While having a range of exhaust sounds when driving through the suburbs might be ideal, a loud exhaust can get pretty tiring after 2-3 hours of cruising on the highway. This is where matrix mode comes in.  As an example, you can set your exhaust's valves to close whenever you are driving between 95-100km/h at under 2500 RPMs.  That way, you can enjoy a full range of exhaust sounds as you drive through the suburbs, PLUS have your Smart Box automatically adjust to your preferred sound settings when your start cruising on the highway.  It's as simple as that!

Each Smart Box comes with:

  • Smart Box Control Module x 1
  • OBD-II Cable x 1
  • GPS External Antenna x 1

Suitable for valved Varex xForce exhausts available for the following cars:

  • i30 PD (SR/N-Line)
  • i30N
  • Cerato GT
  • Stinger 3.3T

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