MSD Ignition Coils - 1.6T Hyundai and Kia

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It's not uncommon for the 1.6T Hyundai and Kia cars to experience misfiring issues, especially when the boost is turned up and the car leaned on a little. Fortunately, these MSD coil packs have been proving so solve these random misfiring issues with the current-gen 1.6T platform, found in the Elantra, i30, Cerato and Veloster.

As such, we highly recommend this product for customers looking to get the most out of their car. Especially if you've already fitted the upgraded spark plugs from HKS, found here.

MSD Blaster Series Coils feature advanced bobbin technology for maximum performance, highly specialized silicon magnetic steel cores, optimized windings, proper resistance and engineered turn ratios that deliver a high performance, quality coil. Specialized high temperature epoxy resists shock and vibration, while increasing thermal conductivity. These are direct high performance replacements for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) coils.

Note: we keep local stock in RED, however black is available on request.

Customer Reviews

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James L
MSD coils for 1.6 Nline

Purchased these along with the HKS plugs, fitted in a few minutes and engine runs great, smoother on idle and at higher RPM. No brainer upgrade for mine. Cherry t&p with the goods as usual, always recommend them.

Bobby Wright

Msd coils

Don M
MSD Coils for Cerato GT

These coils are a noticeable improvement over stock, as they make the car run better. There is less spluttering during cold starts, and there is also a smoother power delivery. Under ideal conditions, when the car is driven with economy in mind, these coils can help improve fuel economy ( even if it's only by a little bit ), and they complement the other mods that I have done to the engine ( intake, exhaust, BOV, HKS plugs etc. ), and as a bonus, they even look better than the original coils.

Greg Dawson
MSD Ignition Coils

Love em seems even smoother cold start & higher rpms. Look pretty under bonnet & easy install.

Shaun Boyce
Awesome upgrade!

These paired with the hks spark plugs make the i30 N-Line feel heaps better! Cold starts are easier, revs feel much smoother and gets into power a lot nicer!

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