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Hyundai i30 PD - Full-Array Numberplate LED Lights

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If you're looking for that clean white look for your numberplate, don't settle for just replacement bulbs in the stock housings. These complete aftermarket replacement units are more uniform than any single-point T10 bulb could ever hope to be!

A note regarding installation, the plug in these lights connects into the T10 bulb holder, you don't unplug the factory connector, you have to twist and remove the factor bulb holder from the original lights and use that for the new kit.

The price is for the pair!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Matthew Pease
N-Line Premium

I hated the yellow looking lights and was so glad when these turned up in my Christmas presents from Santa. Such an easy install and the difference is huge! Looks so much better now.

Greg Dawson
LED numplate lights

So easy to fit and look great ☺

Dean A
A Huge Difference

Excellent upgrade and only a 2 minute install. Huge difference in brightness and looks way better.

Keith Taylor

Worth buying-Looks great

Vehicle: i30 N Line

Takes only minutes to install and looks way better than the stock lights. Definitely worth the upgrade.

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