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LED Indicator Bulbs (Pair)

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If you're looking to upgrade your car with brighter turn signals, or you're after the instant "on-off" off that only LED can offer, look no further.

These bulbs have been tested as working in the PD i30 without any CANbus Error or Hyperflash!

If you have a non-premium model, you'll need to grab two sets unless you have the new facelift i30 PD with the integrated LED/DRL lights.

Note: They're the same bulb in the Kia Cerato GT and the i30 Sedan

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Easy swap, Very Bright, NO Hyperflashing!

So simple, yet so redifining! Definite mod to do if you don't have LEDs, completely updates the look of a car! Indicators are like they should be now, an on and off switch!

jack Gellie
Not only looks better but safer

The bulbs are high quality and fit perfectly, not only do you get a nice and clean on and off turn light but it’s significantly brighter then the stock bulbs. Making it easier to see when your indicating.

Adz P
Excellent upgrade.

An excellent aesthetic upgrade to your indicators. No hyperflash and nice and bright. Impressed at the Cherry packaging that they arrived it too, nice touch!

Don't waste your time and money on other inferior products from overseas websites [eg AliExpress]. It's just not worth it, buy these and be done with it.

Steve Robinson
So bright!

Awsome light and no hyperflash!

Cameron Bell
Neat, Tidy & Easy Install

Came in nice and clean Cherry Tuning box with foam inserts - plug and play in 5 minutes into the tail lights - worked first time with no hyperflash. Great product!

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