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PD (2017+) Hyundai i30 LED Headlight Kit

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Note: Installation guide available HERE

This is an LED headlight upgrade for the non-Premium model PD (2017-2021) i30 - This includes the non-premium SR and N-Line versions.

Please note: the facelifted i30 needs different adaptors, please select facelift from the dropdown if you have a new 2021 model with the updated headlights. Additionally, some PD4 models have H7 high beams, and some have HB3, it seems that the base model has H7 and the active/elite has HB3. If you order bulbs and get the wrong kit for your car, please let us know. We will figure this out eventually!

Replaces the low and high beam bulbs with High-Brightness, 42W, 10,400 Lumen, 6000K (White) LED bulbs. They are CANBUS compatible bulbs, so they don't cause any errors with the computer system.

These are tested and proven to fit the i30 headlight housing, which can't be said of all LED bulbs. In fact, we went through 4 different suppliers trying to find the perfect bulbs to make our kit!

The headlights are supplied with a 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Keith Taylor
So happy I did it

Out with old & in with the New... recommended for everyone

Cameron Chung
LED upgrade recommended!

This kit is a massive upgrade from OEM Halogen globes. 100% recommended for everyone with ease of installation

John Dickson
Lights are now to spec

Definitely a must buy for those i30 owners that have to deal with the halogen lights from factory. Relatively easy to install and make the car feel as modern as a vehicle of this age should.

Jaeden Horner
High and low beam

Great headlights, loom fantastic, good product and fit so easy. Well worth the money

Andrew Fisher
Great headlights

Great LED Headlights and easy to install. Would recommend

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