2017 - CURRENT


As Australia’s most awarded small car, the i30’s fun driving experience, well equipped features, sleek design and attractive price range make it the car of choice for many.  Popular with millennials and Gen Zs, the aftermarket scene for these cars is quickly expanding and that's where we come in.

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While the PD i30 is anything but slow from factory, it's only managed to earn itself the moniker of 'warm hatch.'  Luckily, with access to the correct aftermarket parts and a skilled tuner, it's extremely easy to turn up the heat, transforming your warm hatch into a true hot hatch competitor.  Cherry Tuning seeks to help Hyundai i30 enthusiasts choose, install and purchase the right mods, accessories and performance upgrades for their Hyundai i30 PD, with a strong focus on the Hyundai i30 SR and N-Line models. You’ll be surprised at how a few choice power mods can transform your i30 into a track day beast.

Whether you're looking for engine and performance parts, intakes, exhausts, street and dyno turning, body kits and accessories, LED lighting and much more, Cherry Tuning can help you out.  Take a look at our catalogue below or drop us a message if you have any specific questions.  All parts below suit current shape Hyundai i30 models, including the SR and N-Line: