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Intercooler Resonator Delete

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This pipe removed the resonator that's installed in the factory intercooler piping of many of the 1.6T cars. Removing this resonator will slightly increase turbo noise and has been shown to increase power by 5-8HP in the upper RPM.

It's a quick and easy way to add a little bit more power and turbo noise.

Customer Reviews

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Very Very happy, did I mention how happy I am.

Had Tristan install this little beauty in my N- Line this week. The intake is now like a breathing beast.
Definitely worth the small investment for extra top end results.
Other mods thanks to Tristan- AEM CAI, GFB BOV, Race Chip (you seriously NEED one of these little beauties....seriously!) , resonator delete race pipe.
Next mods on my Christmas shopping- lowering springs and rear sway bar to make my life complete.
If you are thinking about upgrading your Hyundai, Tristan is the guru.
This car is my everyday chariot and now I can’t wait to hit the road to get to work each day!
Thank you Cherry Tuning you have made me VERY happy!

Pops off

My experience only - This has popped out twice whilst driving, car basically goes into a limp mode. Even with additional clamps. I believe the ridges / beads on the stock part are slightly bigger and the groove (resonator) in the middle allows for 50/50 distribution on either side of the part which will prevent it popping off due to the air pressure. Performance after the install / whilst it was on is barely noticed / negligible. Not worth it in my opinion, money I could have put towards other / better mods haha. Cheers

Resonator Delete

fitted easily. intake sound is louder.

Intercooler Resonator Delete.

Installed along with GFB Diverter Valve - 2015 Veloster Turbo - Definately better throttle response and smoother exceleration.
Other mods: K&N Typhoon Cold Air Intake, GFB Diverter Valvle, MBRP Cat Back Exhaust.

2018 Hyundai i30 SR, CT&P Intercooler Resonator Delete

Just installed this CT&P Intercooler Resonator Delete pipe on my i30 SR. Took me just under 20 minutes to install with the right tools(You'll only need side-cutter & flat screw driver). After the installation, It sounded very noticeable and louder intake/turbo noise, gives you a big smile on your face while you driving :)
As always, Big thanks to Tristan for supplying the parts and being helpful 24/7. From Auckland, New Zealand