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Intercooler Resonator Delete

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This pipe removed the resonator that's installed in the factory intercooler piping of many of the 1.6T cars. Removing this resonator will slightly increase turbo noise and has been shown to increase power by 5-8HP in the upper RPM.

It's a quick and easy way to add a little bit more power and turbo noise.

Customer Reviews

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Adam Colosimo

I ordered 12 days ago (multiple items) yet my order is still not prepared or sent off; as I am told they do not have stock, ok so don't advertise to your customers that you do have stock (state backorder like other items do), simple as that. If customers know this then they will just order their parts elsewhere themselves. Its a pet hate of mine when companies advertise they have stock when they do not and if it is a web page issue - then it should be sorted.

Hi Adam,
This part is hand-made in Sydney and we sometimes have to wait for materials before being able to complete manufacturing, which is something that COVID has made very difficult at times.
In addition to this, Cherry Tuning is a small, family owned company, we are a very niche company and focus on trying to support the KDM community as best we can. As you can imagine, with only a small number of employees, and a large number of orders, we occasionally take a little longer to get onto fabrication works, like this intercooler res. deletes. I will be making some more shortly, within the next day or two, having just finished making a large batch of Boost Solenoids.
I'm sorry that you're feeling frustrated regarding not having more information on our website regarding stock levels. Very few things on our site have any kind of note on them stating 'In Stock', this product included. We don't advertise what is and is not in stock, as having to keep the website updated with this information would be an entire job in and of itself. We are only 2 people, we work very long days, and we appreciate your (and everyone else's) patience and understanding when waiting for products.

Proceed GT
Better throttle response and power delivery

Nice unit, fast shipping, well made and easy to install.

Was hoping for turbo sounds but little increase. However it gave better throttle response and power delivery at higher range, which is better. I reused the OE hoseclamps and used hairspray as glue. No problems so far.

Trenton Muxworthy
It pops off...

I purchased this cheap bolt on part...but its exactly At one end of the pipe the lip was perfect but the other end was skewed. Doesnt matter it I had a T-bolt pops off. QC needed.

Hi Trenton,
Please send us some photos of the pipe where you say the end is skewed. There is a chance it was damaged in transit.
We have had some customers having issues with these units popping off, however we find that generally this is down to clamps not being tight enough, or lubrication being used when the pipes are installed.
There is an old trick where you can use hair spray as a lubricant to help installation, then when it dries it essentially glues the pipe on. Perhaps give this a try?

Kia Cerato GT

To be honest, I can’t notice any difference in performance or intake sounds. For what it is I didn’t really expect to notice. It may increase HP by a couple but you will just not notice it. It was a cheap mod so was happy to buy it when I purchased the Sway bar and engine mounts which I highly recommend. It may help when I do further mods like intake, exhaust and a JB4 Piggy back controller.

Intercooler Res

For such a small and cheap mod the change is great. Don’t expect too much but the turbo sounds increased and higher rpm has more of a kick! Great value for the price and easy to install

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