Front LCA - Inner Rear Bushing (Caster) Kit

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Whiteline caster kits are designed to improve cornering grip and vehicle straight line stability through increased static caster and dynamic negative camber gain. In addition, synthetic elastomer bushings provide improved steering feedback and braking performance.

Note: Installation of this kit requires removing your lower control arms and pressing in new bushes, it is not generally considered a very DIY friendly job

There are two options for these bushes, you'll need to check if your car came factory with steel or alloy lower control arms.

Suits the following vehicles:

  • Elantra HD (2006-11) - All Models
  • Elantra AD (2015+) - All Models (inc. SR/N-LINE)
  • i30 PD (2016+) - All Models (inc. N)
  • Veloster JS (2018+)
  • Cerato BD (2018+) - All Models (inc. GT)

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A strong necessity

Takes cornering to new heights makes OEM feel like cheap

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