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Front Mount Intercooler Kit - i30 (PD) and Elantra (AD)

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Front mounted intercooler and aluminum charge pipe kit for the 2017+ Elantra and i30 1.6 Turbo model.

Even without any other modifications, it's entirely possible to see an increase of 10+ kw due to the cooling and increased efficiency of the kit.

Installation will take around an hour for an experienced professional, but should only take 2-3 hours for a novice. It is recommended that you weld the brackets onto the bumper reinforcement, but you can make do with drilling holes in the bumper reinforcement and bolting the brackets on.

Customer Reviews

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100% worth it!

Its worth noting you'll likely need to have a cold intake filter as the stock box doesn't fit with the bigger piping.

This one is a little harder than i first thought it would be. However Tristan helped me out.
The results are... Absolutely incredible the BOV doesn't have to be over whelming if you don't use the trumpets it quick nice actually. but if you're seeking those whistles the option is very much there.

Jordan Lipple

Happy days, Happy customer. Excellent product.

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