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Kia Cerato (BD - 2019+) - DRL / Sequential Indicators

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Complete replacement housings to replace your stock halogen indicator housings and bulbs with sequential indicators. As an added bonus, they light up white if hooked up to a switched power source, meaning you can add white DRLs to your base model, or add extra DRLs to your GT.

The indicator portions have resistors included, so you won't get an CANbus errors!

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    Turn signals

    This lights in China cost about 60-70$. You guys are crazy with your price

    Hello Mr Ecstazy,
    We can see that you're coming to us from a Russian address, and haven't actually purchased any of these lights, or any other products from us, but we appreciate your feedback regardless.
    While it is certainly possible to purchase similar lights as these from China, You're more likely to pay ~US$110 for them including shipping (which is AU$162 already - remember you have to use the bank rate for currency conversions, not what Google tells you), once you add the required local tax and import duties, this comes up to ~A$185. We feel that, for the service we offer, the local stock holding, quick shipping times, Australian warranty, and general support of the KDM community, our pricing of A$195 is fair. We are sure there are some people who wouldn't agree, but we feel that for most people, even just the Australian stock and warranty is worth the 5% price increase


    Delivery was fast, Lights easy to install, seem to work really well.

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