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Kia Cerato (2018+) LED Headlight Upgrade Kit

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If you've purchased a non-GT 2018-2022 Kia Cerato model, you might feel like the factory headlights are a little lacklustre. Or perhaps you're just looking to get rid of the factory colour and want a nice white light instead?

Regardless, this is the kit for you. Consisting of both high and low beams, coupled with the correct adaptors to mount the bulbs up, this is a complete LED headlight conversion to upgrade your car.

These bulbs are High-Brightness, 42W, 10,400 Lumen, 6000K (White) LED bulbs. They are CANBUS compatible bulbs, so they don't cause any errors with the computer system.

Additionally, Cherry Bulbs are considered a Mini-LED bulb, meaning that they fit inside most headlight housings without having to change the dust caps, which can't be said of all LED bulbs.

Suitable the early BD and facelift model. if you have a facelift, you only need the low beam bulb. Your car doesn't use a separate high-beam bulb.

Our bulbs are supplied with a 1-year warranty.

Customer Reviews

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Great Product

The LED headlight upgrade is great! Brighter light not only better for driving but looks much better too! Definitely would recommend product!

Jamie Rachcoff

Kia Cerato LED Headlight Upgrade Kit

Earl Marquez
Cerato LED headlights

Only took a few minutes to install. Looks great and would highly recommend

Look and work great

Before finding this shop I tried a variety of LED lighting options, all of which gave errors.
I got both the low & high beam kit from Cherry Tuning and the quality of the lights were obvious, they are bright with good light spread and beam cut-off, and best of all they do not give any errors on the car.
I wish I had found this store earlier and hadn't wasted so much money on inferior options.

Adrian Hughes
Cerato LED Headlights

Bright and bluish white colour, just what the doctor ordered! Thanks Tristan they work great.

Now waiting impatiently for you to put the DRLs up for sale so I can complete the look!

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