Hyundai i30N - Shielded Intake System

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Gain a guaranteed increase in horsepower and torque with a K&N Shielded Intake system featuring a mandrel-bent aluminium intake tube. Each system is paired with a washable, reusable High-Flow Air Filter featuring oiled cotton filter media. The oversized, conical filter design allows you to go up to 100,000km between filter services under normal highway driving conditions. A custom heat shield or air box helps protect intake air from the high temperature of your engine bay, and the entire system can typically be installed in less than 90 minutes

Estimated Horsepower Gain - 10 HP @ 5722 RPM

Customer Reviews

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Cameron Bell
Great Sound & Quality with Caveats

First of all - my 4 star rating is not indicative of any issues with Cherry Tuning myself and the sound & performance of the product itself is great however there are a couple of things that should be noted with purchasing this particular intake.

First of all: Missing parts - this has apparently been an on-going issue with K&N and luckily for me it was a part that I could source quickly myself or my car would have been out of action until a replacement was sent. I fit this system off-site while I was sheltering at a local supermarket from hail warnings. I had fit 95% of the kit when I realised the 3.5" to 3" reducer joiner from the pipe to the filter was missing which is fairly integral so I had to risk the drive home with no filter. Luckily Autobarn had this part around the corner so I got one the next morning riding the bike to get it and once fitted all good. A replacement part is on the way from K&N and communication was good to rectify this from Cherry.

Second: Don't expect this to be 110% bolt on. There is SLIGHT modification and cutting required of pieces - nothing excessively complex just be aware of it including cutting the trim rubber to size for the edging and cutting down a silicone joiner. Be aware that just like every intake there is some wiggling to get it to fit correctly so nip up the hose clamps on the turbo side and the filter side to be able to move all of the joins around otherwise you will run into issues sliding everything into place.

Overall once it's on and fitted it's good - just check for all the parts before you go as if it's a part that's not easy to get by other means you may have to park the car until a replacement arrives.

Peter Holmes

Product arrived very quickly - ordered, delivered and installed on my i30N within a week. Easy as to install yourself.

Looks unreal! Noise is a perfect combination of aggressive yet subtle - exactly what I was after!

Great product - highly recommend

Brett Lunney

Intake looks fantastic on my fastback N
Thanks for the easy transaction.

Arthur Xu
Amazing sounds

Once again, the owner easy to deal with, part was supplied really quickly. With the engine sucking in the air that it craves now audible it is definitely a great feeling when you put the pedal to the metal. Also makes the turbo surge more prominent. And most importantly for the sale price this is definitely a go to!

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