RaceChip GTS Black - Elite-Level Hardware Tuning Solution

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Even nominally identitical engines often perform slightly differently. This can be down to manufacturing tolerances, the number of kilometres covered or the quality of the fuel. So that your RaceChip works perfectly with the engine in your car, they have developed fine tuning mappings. This means that you can fine tune your GTS Black to match your engine's performance and characteristics perfectly. The app control feature lets you download the pre-programmed settings right from the RaceChip servers.

RaceChip GTS Black features:

  • 7 fine tuning mappings for a gradual custom-fit
  • Easy to control by Digital User Interface
  • Perfect fine tuning for the perfect match
  • Warm-up timer preserving the engine
  • 1 Year additional warranty
  • One free retune if you sell the chip or want to swap it to a new car (software only, cables extra)

The Race Chip app lets you set up your car as you want; just select the tuning stage from your smartphone. The app can also deactivate the RaceChip, returning the car to stock tune.

  • 3 distinct performance modes
  • Adjustable warm-up timer
  • Individual fine tuning mappings
  • Automatic updates
  • Advanced service features
  • Integration with RaceChip XLR
 Model Increased Power Increased Torque
i30N - 2.0 TDGi (202kw) +29 kW +145 Nm
i30N FL - 2.0 TDGi (206kw) +38 kW +60 Nm
Stinger - 2.0 TDGi (188kw) +46 kW +137 Nm

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