RaceChip RS for Kia Cerato BD

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By far our most popular option for people looking for a quick and easy way to increase engine power, the RaceChip RS comes to you pre-loaded with the correct maps, specific the Kia Cerato BD. The standard RaceChip has a rotary control on the front of the unit in order for one of the 6 internal maps to be selected to fit the engine's performance and characteristics.

The RaceChip RS increases the torque available at any given engine speed. Therefore, a higher gear can usually be selected, meaning less gear-changing is necessary in general, and fuel is used more efficiently. As a result, fuel consumption can be cut by up to 15%.

Additionally, there is an app control option available for the RaceChip RS, allowing you to use your smartphone to choose between 3 tuning modes from the RaceChip app; Efficiency for saving fuel in urban traffic, Sport for improved mid-range flexibility on open roads, Race for maximum performance. The RaceChip RS can also be deactivated via the app.

Note: you must run your car on 98 RON fuel to use this chip

App control offers:

  • 3 distinct performance modes
  • Adjustable Warm-up timer
  • Individual fine tuning mappings
  • Automatic updates
  • Advanced service features
  • Integration with RaceChip XLR (throttle controller)

 Model Increased Power Increased Torque
1.6 TDGi (150kw) +31 kW +97 Nm

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Frank B
RaceChip RS

Easily fitted, easy to use and I can definitely feel the difference in the cars response and performance.

Nathaniel Hunter
Biggest single mod for power

The rscechip was easy to install and after the initial break in it proved to significantly increase power. Not just by a few horses but a whole paddock. My Cerato GT now pulls harder than Harry Styles. Worth the money.

RaceChip RS Cerato GT

Great service, ordered RaceChip and K&N filter, arrive within 3 days regional NSW. Easy installation. Definitely a big increase in torque, the car pulls much harder. Thanks Cherry


This is my 2nd Racechip, 1st being "S" model for Hyundai Kona 1.6T AWD just a month back. Latest purchase is Racechip RS for Kia Cerato GT.

Post-installation, the RS too a longer period to "settle" on the Kia, than the S on the Kona.

As recommended, I started with Setting 4, then moved to 5 the next day, and finally 6 (max). Initially, I simply could not detect any difference, but then gradually (on the 5th or 6th drive), it began to show. The mid-range is particularly strong, and pulls right up to the upper range. It seems to kick in from 2000rpm onward, and the response is smooth, seamless.

Compared to the Kona, the torque starts earlier around 1500 rpm, the push is more urgent, but it runs out of puff at the higher rpm ranges.

Overall, I would recommend the Racechip (equally S & RS models), it simply enhances the driver experience to such an extent, one would simply have no thought of ever removing it!


Works perfectly on my Cerato GT. Reading as a i30 in the app though. Huge torque boost.

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