RaceChip S - Entry-Level Hardware Tuning Solution

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RaceChip S comes to you with the right mapping for the engine in your car. You can also use the rotary control to choose from 5 fine tuning mappings in order for the chip to gradually better fit your needs as well as the engine's performance and characteristics.

  • 5 fine tuning mappings for a gradual custom-fit
  • Simple execution via the rotary control

The RaceChip S increases the torque available and efficiency at the given engine speed. Therefore, a higher gear can be selected, less gear-changing is necessary in general, and fuel is used more efficiently. As a result, fuel consumption can be cut by up to 10%.

Note: you must run your car on 95 RON to use this chip, and we highly recommend 98 RON

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michael B
Racechip S on 2017 Hyndai Elantra SR Turbo

Arrived fast, but beware the Racechip OEM packaging is odd and allows the unit to 'float' around the box which can cause minor scuffing. 5-minute install and check and you're up and running. Takes some driving before your ECU adapts to the unit, but at full throttle the motor does appear to run a few PSI higher boost. Definitely, do HKS M45XL plugs to support this tuning solution. Also the higher octane you run, the better!

Alex Sutherland
Legit Fuel Savings

Have only friend setting 2 of 5 but have noticed the difference in torque and in economy. Perfect if you don't want to go over the top. Couldn't be happier.

Keat Y.

The Racechip S is fantastic!

Low end & mid-range response improved dramatically, I think the product complements the sleeper look for nondescript car.

Just to note: The ECU takes time to "learn" the new parameters, so one will not get results instantaneously post installation. Just give it 5-10 mins of driving, and you will be rewarded with Grin factor 10/10!

My only regret - why didn't I discover this earlier!

Highly recommended, and looking at getting another Racechip for 2nd car.