Roll Centre/Bump Steer - Correction Kit

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A must for lowered vehicles, Whiteline roll centre and bump steer correction kit, is designed to correct roll-centre geometry using specially engineered ball-joints. Raising the front roll-centre results in a substantial increase to front roll resistance and a significant reduction in suspension compression on the outside front tyre during cornering.

The result is more even weight distribution and improved tyre contact ultimately improving front end grip, cornering speeds and tyre life when driving the vehicle to it's potential.

Note: Installation of this kit requires unbolting your subframe and installing spacers on your steering rack, it is not generally considered a very DIY friendly job

Suits the following vehicles:

  • Elantra AD (2015+) - All Models (inc. SR/N-LINE)
  • i30 PD (2016+) - All Models (inc. N)
  • Veloster JS (2018+)
  • Cerato BD (2018+) - All Models (inc. GT)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Makes a lowered car handle like stock- but better!

Not a super hard install, managed to do it on the ground at home with a little help to get the spacers in. Made the handling of my Elantra on lowered Eibach springs handle like it did stock after an alignment, but with more grip around corners and less roll! Well worth the purchase!

Lowered car = fit this!

Once again, superb customer service from CTP. I got this fitted to my 2019 N Line by the professional wheel alignment shop and grateful that I did. It's not a simple install and you need a wheel alignment as soon as you get it fitted.

The result is noticeable. The car feels even more planted in corners and ready to rip out of them. I have a raft of Whiteline products (again from Cherry Tuning & Performance) fitted and they all make a significant improvement from stock. My lowered springs are Kings.

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