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Throttle Body Spacer - 1.6T

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Whether you're looking for an easy vacuum source for a BOV or Boost guage, a place to spray in engine cleaner, or you're wanting to install water-methanol injection on your car, this is the easiest way to do one or all of the above.


  • Rubber Seal
  • Plugs (X3)
  • 1x Vac Barb
  • Mounting Bolts

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Bryan Mclean
Throttle body spacer

Received my order promptly and it fitted perfectly which will allow me to use the CRC GDI valve cleaner product much easier than otherwise would be the case.

Perfect spacer for a boost gauge!

Nice and simple unit that is super easy to install and looks like it was meant to be there! Hooked up my boost gauge and works a treat, will also come in handy when performing an upper engine clean!

Don M
Throttle body spacer for Cerato GT

A well made item that does what it is supposed to do. Installation was not hard to do once I removed the stock airbox, as that gave me more room to remove the cold pipe hose and retaining bolts from the throttle body, and make sure everything lined up correctly when I fitted the spacer. Before fitting the spacer, I removed the brass plugs and wrapped the threads on the plugs with a single layer of plumbers tape, then I refitted them to ensure they had a good seal, and I installed the spacer with the plugged side facing up, and the O-ring seal against the throttle body. If you are planning on eventually fitting a boost gauge, as well as having an additional port to spray in some intake cleaner, I would recommend this kit.

Zachary Warren

Works perfectly as intended

100% Recommend

Very easy to install. Yet to pair it up to a boost gauge but it is a work in progress. Very happy with the delivery too

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