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1.6T Intake Pipe

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Do you have a 1.6T Hyundai or Kia?

Looking for a cost effective way to get some more flow and turbo noise?

Or perhaps you looking for a bump in power but don't want to have an exposed filter in the engine bay?

Then these options here are perfect for you, these pipes are made such that you can replace your intake pipe but still retain your factory airbox. They can be easily coupled with an upgraded K&N Intake filter, allowing you to gain most of the of the flow of an aftermarket intake, while still keeping intake and turbo noise under control.

Alternatively, remove the lid off your airbox and run an exposed pod, giving you the maximum possible turbo noise.

Customer Reviews

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Was very easy to deal with Cherry Tuning. Communication and service was great happy to deal with them again.. Highly Recommend..

1.6T Intake Pipe (with K&N pod filter option)

This was the one mod I was most excited to install and was not disappointed! The intake came with everything needed for a quick and straightforward install and all I can say is wow! My Elantra SR feels a little more responsive, makes all the right induction noises and it looks awesome in the engine bay. For the money, you can't go wrong! I cannot recommend Tristan enough for all your KDM needs! Turnaround times have been no more than 3 days on the parts I have ordered and he has offered excellent advice!

Noticeable Improvement

I installed this intake pipe on my Cerato GT, and it goes well with the K&N panel filter, and the intercooler resonator delete pipe that I installed previously. Even when driving the car in Smart Mode, there is a noticeable improvement in performance, and the turbo and intake noise is subtle, but the noise becomes a bit more noticeable under hard acceleration. This mod can also help improve fuel economy, when the car in driven with economy in mind ( on a 13.3 km suburban route with moderate traffic conditions that I have used to test the car, my previous best figure was 6.8 L per 100 km, but after I installed the intake pipe upgrade, I was able to achieve 6.4 L per 100 km on the same route, a 5.8% improvement ). This mod is a must have, if you want to improve engine efficiency, but keep turbo and intake noise under control.

Great upgrade if you keep the stock airbox

Top service from Cherry Tuning and Performance - great advice and fast shipping.

This was an easy mod to install - all existing hoses and new clamps and adapters matched up easily. The air intake really makes the engine bay look classy. Match with a K&N air filter for improved air flow. Don't expect huge noise gains, it's more subtle.